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Are you turning 65? We're here to help you understand your Medicare options!

You can get started by requesting a FREE copy of the official Medicare booklet published by the Social Security Administration. This easy-to-follow guide defines the different parts of Medicare, explains when and how to apply for Medicare and provides tips on what to do if you already have other forms of health insurance.

To learn more about our Medicare options, please click here or call us at 888-810-5315.

You'll need to begin with a basic understanding of Medicare and the options available to you before making a decision.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Medicare to get you started:

What is Medicare?

Medicare (also known as "Original Medicare") is the Health Insurance Program managed by the Federal Government for U.S. citizens that are aged 65 and older. People under the age of 65 may also qualify for Medicare if they have certain disabilities. People that are enrolled in Medicare are often called "Medicare beneficiaries."

What does Medicare cover?

Medicare has four parts:
  1. Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance. This helps pay for the care you receive while in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or hospice care center. Most people get Medicare Part A automatically when they turn 65 and do not have to pay a monthly payment/premium for this coverage.
  2. Medicare Part B is Medical Insurance. This helps pay for services provided by doctors, outpatient hospital care and other services that Medicare Part A does not cover like physical therapy. Most people pay a monthly payment/premium for Medicare Part B coverage. You can sign up for Medicare Part B coverage beginning three months before your 65th birthday.
  3. Medicare Part C includes the additional coverage provided by Medicare Advantage plans such as those available from SummaCare. Medicare Advantage plans take the place of Original Medicare and provide Medicare beneficiaries with richer benefits that often include valuable preventive health and wellness services and lower out-of-pocket costs.
  4. Medicare Part D is Prescription Drug Coverage. This helps pay for any Medicare-approved prescription drugs that you may need. You have the option of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (MAPD) which combines both medical and prescription drug coverage OR a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP).

How will I know what plan is right for me?

Everyone's needs are different. Click here for a chart that can help you determine what's important to you in your Medicare plan.

When should I apply?

If you will be getting Social Security/retirement benefits when you turn 65, your enrollment in Original Medicare will begin automatically. If you are not getting Social Security, you should sign up for Medicare before your 65th birthday, even if you are not planning to retire. You can select a Medicare plan option beginning 90 days before your 65th birthday.

Where can I get additional guidance?

We have trained Medicare experts who can walk you through the Medicare maze. Click here for a schedule of our local "TalkAbout" seminars where you can speak directly with a representative or please call us at 888-810-5315*.

Knowing that one size does not fit all, SummaCare has many Medicare options available. Depending upon your needs and budget, you can determine the plan that's right for you. Click here to view the plans available in your county.

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